The National Land Records Modernization Programme


The National Land Records Modernization Programme (NLRMP) was launched by the Government of India in August 2008, aimed to modernize management of land records, minimize scope of land/property disputes, enhance transparency in the land records maintenance system, and facilitate moving eventually towards guaranteed conclusive titles to immovable properties in the country.

Objective of NLRMP

The main objective of the NLRMP is to develop a modern, comprehensive and transparent land records management system in the country with the aim to implement the conclusive land-titling system with title guarantee, which will be based on four basic principles, i.e.,

  • (i) a single window to handle land records (including the maintenance and updating of textual records, maps, survey and settlement operations and registration of immovable property)
  • (ii) the ―mirror principle, which refers to the fact that cadastral records mirror the ground reality
  • (iii) the ―curtain principle which indicates that the record of title is a true depiction of the ownership status, mutation is automated and automatic following registration and the reference to past records is not necessary
  • (iv) title insurance, which guarantees the title for its correctness and indemnifies the title holder against loss arising on account of any defect therein.

Major Components of the NLRMP Programme

The major components of the programme are :

  1. computerization of all land records including mutations.
  2. digitization of maps and integration of textual and spatial data.
  3. survey/re-survey and updation of all survey and settlement records including creation of original cadastral records wherever necessary.
  4. computerization of registration and its integration with the land records maintenance system
  5. development of core Geospatial Information System (GIS) and capacity building.

Activities under NLRMP Project

  • Scanning, digitization, updation of mussavies/ cadastral maps
    · Geo-linking of RoR data with updated digitized maps
    · Scanning of old Revenue documentsfor virtual record room
    · Survey/Resurvey using ETS
    · DGPS Survey
    · Satellite data processing

Benefits of NLRMP Project

  • a modern, comprehensive and transparent land records management system in each state.
  • a single window system to handle land records, including maintenance and updating of textual records, maps, survey and settlement operation and registration of immovable property.
  • up-dated land records and push them into public domain so that people can access the records with ease.
  • integration of the diverse processes in land administration and provide an integrated land records information system.
  • land value assessment.
  • preparation of field level soil health cards.
  • smart cards for farmers to facilitate e-governance and e-banking.
  • settlement of compensation claims
  • land acquisition and rehabilitation
  • crop insurance
  • grant of agricultural subsidies
  • community/ village resource centres
  • precision farming etc.

NB: An example of a state which implemented NLRMP with satellite data is Haryana.

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