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Course Name Course Details Duration Timings
Prelims + Mains(excluding optionals) Our Prelims + Mains Advanced Program is an intensive but consolidated program with special focus on writing practice. The important topics for the current year are covered by Lectures and Group Discussions which are further supplemented with model tests on the pattern of the Exam. The students have to undergo rigorous answer-writing practice while sticking to word-limit and time-limit.
  • Weekdays (6 Months)
  • Weekends (10 Months)
  • Mon to Fri
  • Sat
  • Sun
    10.30am -5.30pm
Mains (optional papers) Our Main’s (Optional Paper) Program is a 3-month course, wherein the given syllabus is covered thoroughly with a focus on conceptual clarity, accurate facts and figures and memory techniques. Special techniques are taught, so that the students can answer the questions with more precision and accuracy. Special emphasis is given on revision, brain-teasers and practice tests.
  • Weekdays (3 Months)
  • Mon to Fri
Interview Preparation Vinson IAS ‘Interview Guidance Program’ is unique and one of its kind. Here, scientific techniques are used to instil self-confidence in the candidate and develop his expressions and communication skills. Each interview is video-recorded, which is shown to the candidates in the presence of experts. Based on his performance in the mock-interviews, a thorough feedback and valuable suggestions are given to the candidate. Other candidates can also watch live as well as recorded interviews so as to learn from others’ mistakes as well as their right techniques.
  • Weekdays (15 Sessions)
  • 2 hours per Session
Distance Education
For those students who have missed our personal guidance, the Academy offers Distance Education course for the Preliminary Exam and the Main Exam for General Studies & a number of optional subjects. Our Postal Guidance Programme is the next best thing to being personally present at the Academy. This course is systematically compiled in a student-friendly manner so that students can benefit from our expert guidance. The study-material is updated so as to incorporate the latest developments & trends.
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Crash Course In this crash course , entire prelims & mains course is squeezed to be covered which mixes rigorous classroom teaching with adequate answer-writing practice.
  • Weekdays (3 Months )
  • Mon to Fri
Mock Test Series Our plan facilitates ‘Demand based supply’ & cover whole syllabus according to the dynamic pattern of Prelims Examinations. All tests will be based on Changing Nature and Pattern of questions being asked by UPSC and will be conducted under examination conditions .Our Test plan is supplemented by explanation & analysis of the test with personalized attention. -